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"art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth."

Pablo Picasso, a man known for his revolutionary work, shared with the world, the principle of being aware of the reflection of what current events hold within the art that we create. Never before have we as an "evolved" species
have witnessed the level of social turmoil in today's time.

The Earth is Vibrating, at frequencies of great magnitude.

The main purpose for music, as it has been and shall continue to be, is for humans to find communion.

A sense for the flow of energy within us, and our Earth Mother. More importantly, the growing human generations
of today are becoming aware of this at a fast pace. Expressive Art allows us to be ourselves. To dance to the rhythm of our individual energy. But once we congregate, Oh. Do we feel the collective strength.

and so, we dance.

we share. we . l i v e .

I make music for this purpose. To unify humanity, by arranging the frequencies that fall in harmony with
the Spirituality inside us.
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